STOPCOR Heater Pro 1

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  • Reduce corrosion and limescale with STOPCOR® Heater Pro 1 – the ultimate domestic line cathodic protection system against corrosion and limescale for every household.

    This innovative product deals with the root of the problem in all plumbing and heating systems, by imposing current of up to -1.5V, without the need of an external power source and without batteries through a sacrificial anode inside.

    Easy external installation on the cold water main or near the Heating boiler.

    STOPCOR® Heater Pro 1 is suitable for 20+ KW Boiler (1-2 Bedrooms)

    For larger water heaters or properties see "STOPCOR Heater Pro 2".


    Electric Power Source Not Required
    Suitable for Drinking Water Yes
    Warranty 3 Years
    Water Contact No
    Water Heater Size 20+ KW Boiler (1-2 Bedrooms)


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